pycart - Python Cartogram Generation

pycart is a Python software package that allows generation of Cartograms from a GeoPandas GeoDataFrame.

The library provides a cartogram generator class, alongside individual methods based on popular Cartogram generation algorithms.

Quick Install

pycart can be installed from PyPI, or the development version from TestPyPI.

Install from PyPI with:

pip install pycart

Install the development version from TestPyPI:

pip install -i pycart

For further details on installation, please see the installation guide.


Name Role
Alex Rundle Lead Developer


This project is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. For further details, please see the about section.

Key Dependencies

To use pycart, you will need Python>=3.9, alongside the following fixed version dependencies:

Package Version
Python >=3.9, <3.12
matplotlib 3.7.1
geopandas 0.12.2
geojson 3.0.1
pandas 1.5.3
numpy 1.24.2
libpysal 4.7.0
shapely 2.0.1
alive-progress >3.1.1